The Elkhart Sidewinder™

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Part Number: 18494-01, 10281, 10187, 81172, 12920

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The Sidewinder™ Remote Controlled Monitor was designed for
wildland firefighting operations.

The Elkhart Sidewinder™

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*Includes monitor, monitor module, control box, remote control nozzle (specify gallonage) and three wiring harnesses.

The SIDEWINDERTM Remote Controlled Monitor was designed for wildland firefighting operations. It can be mounted on the bumper or other suitable locations on the vehicle. A weather-tight remote control box allows the operator to perform four functions: (1) Turn water off or on (2) Rotate monitor left or right (3) Elevate or depress monitor (4) Change the nozzle pattern, wide fog to straight stream. This is a very compact monitor, 8.6” wide, 8.4” deep, 11.1” high and weighs only 15.9 lbs. It operates from 12 or 24 volt DC power. The inlet is 2” NPT female and outlet is 1½” NH male. All motors are totally enclosed and sealed, all wiring harnesses have waterproof connectors.

  • Durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel gears
  • Flow efficient 2.0” vaned waterway
  • Three nozzle sizes - Flows from 15 to 350 GPM
  • Vertical travel 150° 
  • Horizontal travel 180° or 334° 
  • Gear motors totally enclosed and sealed
  • Double ball races with stainless steel bearings
  • Constant Flow nozzles
  • Manual overdrive
  • 12VDC or 24 VDC System
  • Epoxy encapsulated control module
  • Control box with 4-function switches
  • Optional control box with joystick
  • Wiring harnesses with waterproof connectors
  • Compact size



There are three nozzles available. All three nozzles are constructedof lightweight, anodized aluminum and produce constant flow instraight stream, through a wide fog pattern.The nozzles all have replaceable, spinning teeth for a wide, protectivewater curtain. The stream pattern is changed with the electric motor,which is totally enclosed and sealed. The length of each nozzle is5.875” and weighs 3.125 lbs.

  • The 15000-04 Nozzle is available in 15, 30, or 45 GPM.(Must specify gallonage.)
  • The 15000-14 Nozzle is available in 60, 95, or 125 GPM.(Must specify gallonage.)
  • The 15000-24 Nozzle is available in 175, 200, 250, or 300 GPM.(Must specify gallonage.)


Optional Equipment

  • The 10187, Smooth Bore Tip, is a lightweight anodized aluminumnozzle for use with a CAF system. It is 10” long, 1.375 dischargeand 1½” NH female inlet. Weight is .688 lbs.
  • The 10281, Stream Shaper, has replaceable acetal vanes. It has1½” NH female x 1½” NH male threads and is 2½” long. Whenused with the 10187, Smooth Bore Tip, it enhances the foamstream.
  • The 81172, Joystick Control Box, is an optional replacement forthe Standard Control Box.
  • The 12920, Electrically Actuated Valve, with harness for controlmodule to switch indicator.


Control Boxes

Standard Control Box - The standard Control Box is a weather-tight enclosure, suitablefor mounting inside or outside the vehicle. There are four toggleswitches: water on/off, monitor right/left, monitor up/down, nozzlestraight/fog and a pilot light. Box size is 4.875” x 3.125” and weighs1.2 lbs.

Optional Control Box - The optional Control Box is also a weather-tight enclosure that canbe mounted inside or outside. The joystick controls all four functions:monitor right/left, monitor up/down, nozzle straight/fog (thumbswitch or top of joy stick) and a separate toggle switch for water on/off function. Pilot light is also included. Box is 8.625” x 4.69” and hasan overall height, including joy stick of 9.5”. The box weighs 5 lbs.

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SKU 18494-01, 10281, 10187, 81172, 12920